The Cost Of Smoking In The Workplace – Another Reason To Vape

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Smoking in the workplace is almost tradition for people. When you work a stressful job, you need a place where you can go and you can just relax. A lot of people feel their job is very stressful so when they get overwhelmed by stress, they go on what’s known as a smoke break. Hell, even teachers in public teaching venues feel the need to smoke every once in a while. You’ll see lounges where teachers will be laying back and just taking a casual smoke break because the thought of grading 200 papers in a day can feel a little exhausting or overwhelming.

Not only that but there’s the stress of dealing with demanding children, people who have constant excuses as to why they don’t have something done, then you have the parents who are judging you for giving their children a bad grade. Is it your fault? No, absolutely not but that’s just one of the many stress related jobs that leads to the development of a staging area where people can smoke for their break.

Then you have people in call centers who deal with irate customers all day. It’s not the customer service representative’s fault that your service stopped working or that something is wrong, is it? So why is it that customers take it out on the service reps instead of putting their anger where it should be? They’re just a punching bag and they’re available. This is true in almost any industry. You have bartenders who deal with drunk people all day and believe me, it is not fun. They go out back to consistently have smoke breaks.

Did you know that there’s a heavy financial cost associated with smoking in the worst place? It’s estimated that in London alone, it costs 8 billion pounds a year.

Time is Money

You’ve probably heard this saying over and over and it still holds true every single time you hear it. Time is money. Every time your workers or co-workers step outside to smoke and take a break, that’s just time you are personally costing the company and not doing work that could be making the company money. Most people need one smoke break an hour before they become irate or go insane while in stressful jobs.

This is why some jobs won’t even hire you if you smoke. They prefer to have people who can work their full 8 hour shifts without needing cancerous death sticks to puff on just to calm their nerves. Vaping however is a bit different. Some offices even allow you to vape from your desk so you won’t have to get up and you won’t cost the company any money. You won’t be emitting harmful second hand emissions so there’s that as well. It’s cost effective to not only you and everyone around you but more importantly the company.

This is just another reason as to why people need to get on board with vaping and to throw away the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes for good.

4 Most Technology Advanced Vape Pens On The Market

Welcome to Vape Research’s manual for vaporizer pens! This page is a mix of general data and purchaser data. We begin with the Top 4 Vape Pens on the Market. Underneath that, you’ll discover data on the diverse sorts of vape pens and how to select the right one for you. How about we begin!

VaporFi-Orbit-Dry-Herb-Vape-Pen1.VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer

The Orbit is the first break at a dry herb vaporizer from the group at Vapor Fi. Not awful for a first dry, they built the best vaporizer pen available with regards to dry herb material. In the event that you need the span of a vape pen with the vaporizing force of a quality convenient vaporizer, then the Orbit is for you.

We adored the smooth, basic outline. It’s little however well-constructed and extremely tasteful. But at the same time, it’s ready to execute and in addition it looks. The Orbit can vaporize dry herb at an assortment of temperatures. The unit warms up rapidly, ordinarily in around 1-2 minutes. The essence of the vapor is truly precise on this one which is a genuine treat, it doesn’t taste smoldered like you find with most other vapor pens available. Likewise dissimilar to most vape pens, this is a decent piece to purchase in the event that you vape with gatherings since it can deal with high volumes of hits without turning out to be excessively hot. Likewise, say you’re passing the vaporizer around and unexpectedly the battery kicks the bucket? Don’t worry about it, you can charge this awful kid while you’re utilizing it.

phantomTHUMB2.CloudV Phantom

The CloudV Phantom is a dry herb vaporizer from CloudVapes. It’s the third “dry herb just” vape pen on our rundown, and the main reason it’s beneath the other 2 is a direct result of cost. As far as execution, we thought the CloudV Phantom was slightly superior to the VaporFi Orbit. The issue is, it’s $30 more. We didn’t think the execution was justified regardless of the additional $30.On the other hand, you might be occupied with paying the additional $30 for a couple of different reasons. The Phantom is somewhat littler than the VaporFi Orbit, which implies a great deal when you consider the general purpose of vape pens is compactness and watchfulness. The CloudV Phantom likewise accompanies a fabulous pressing apparatus that makes stacking up your dry herb unbelievably quick and basic.

v2pro_series33.V2 Cigs Pro Series Vape Pen

V2 Cigs is one of the top electronic cigarette retailers on the Internet with a faithful after a tremendous deals numbers. Be that as it may, a year ago they discharged their V2 Cigs Pro Series Vaporizer. It’s a 3-in-1 vapor pen that can deal with dry herbs, oil, and wax. V2 says that the Pro Series is “intended for e-fluid yet performs similarly well with dry herb and wax”. In the wake of testing it for ourselves, that bodes well. The V2 Pro certainly worked best for our oil concentrate. It conveyed predictable billows of vapor and there were not very many issues with wicking and dry hits. This was an issue with a percentage of alternate pens since oil concentrate is somewhat thicker than ordinary e-fluid and it can gum up the works.
In any case, we were additionally wonderfully shocked to find that this vape pen took care of dry herbs beautiful dang well. Most vaporizer pens available will guarantee they work with dry herbs, however actually they simply blaze it and the entire thing is a wreck. While the V2 Pro isn’t going to challenge the Volcano at any point in the near future, it is a pleasant expansion to have the capacity to vape dry herbs and wax to switch things up.

skycloud-group-colors4. KandyPens SkyCloud

The KandyPens SkyCloud is the first fair 3-in-1 vaporizer pen on the rundown. It works with everything. Dry herb, THC e-fluid, and wax/oil concentrates. It accompanies distinctive connections for every sort of item and performs great with each of them.
It doesn’t exactly coordinate the dry herb vapor nature of the VaporFi Orbit or V2 Pro. It doesn’t give the same convenience with wax/oil vapor as the Omicron. Be that as it may, it performs at any rate above normal in each classification. Be that as it may take note of that in the case will be utilizing chiefly dry herb, than the VaporFi Orbit or V2 Pro are certainly better alternatives.

In conclusion there are numerous decisions for various tastes; everybody can discover what they need. Simply recall to watch out for the kind of vaporizer you need versus what you are purchasing. Additionally, take a gander at exchange offs. While some vapes are extraordinary at giving overcast hits unfailingly, others flaunt their ability with amazing battery length of time or ease and speed of a vaping. These vaporizers are equipped for enduring you quite a while yet that is just in the event that you take great consideration of them.